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Managing change is simply applying a proactive approach to guiding many individuals to perform in a desired way. Organizations are made up of a whole bunch of individuals. If we can proactively anticipate
why people might or might not change, and do our best to address all those reasons in advance, we have a recipe for success!

This recipe works for small teams, medium teams, and even huge teams because we simply anticipate why an individual contributor may or may not be prepared to perform in a way that we want them to, and proactively address those reasons to maximize ability, motivation, adoption and, thus, performance.

It also turns out that applying performance models proactively helps us to empathize, communicate effectively, proactively prepare, and more authentically interact with our teams.

In essence, it helps us to do the things that organizations with excellent cultures do. Quite a bonus!”

We accomplish this proactive work using the Symphony Method. Click on each of the Six elements of The Symphony Method cycle to view the examples we refer to in the book. 

Haven’t read it yet? Please do for context! Click here to order a copy on Amazon!

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