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Who is this written for?
Symphony is a Leadership book for all leaders at all levels!

  • Are you a Leader of An Organization or a group of people large or small?

  • Are you leading some type of Program, technical or otherwise?

  • Are you a Project Manager, Talent Manager or Facilitator with the goal of helping people achieve a common outcome


Every one of these roles will benefit from knowing why people change, and how to help guide the changes they wish to see amongst the communities they serve.

Do you have a person you care about, and would like to help them relate differently to the people they serve? Symphony, the Art of Managing Change – makes a great gift for new leaders, seasoned leaders, and other servers of people who may benefit from a different perspective!

Are you in an IT organization, wondering how you can relate better to your user communities?
Are you wondering how you can achieve better outcomes, faster, with some of your technology

This book is for you!

TRICIA BENNETT has a passion for leadership, talent management, and employee engagement, but most importantly, she is an advocate for people. A service-minded leader, Tricia knows that if you provide the people you serve with a clear vision, kindness and respect, they will work alongside you to achieve that vision in a way that exceeds your expectations and builds a culture of excellence and loyalty.

An organizational change management leader, Tricia has been a consultant for nearly 20 years, leading teams to implement solutions built on the Salesforce platform. She has both experienced and influenced the cultures of numerous organizations which
have contributed to her beliefs and to her Symphony Method for managing change.

Tricia is also a registered nurse, a credential she gained later in her career. Working as a nurse expanded her compassion for the human experience, her understanding of how truly unique each person is, and how important it is to ask for people’s perspectives
rather than to assume them.  

Who is Tricia Bennett?

Why Symphony?

“I call this book ‘Symphony’, because the art of managing organizational change is like
conducting a symphony.  If you ever watch an orchestra conductor, and the players of
instruments in the string section and the woodwinds and the brass and the percussion all
working together – it’s an excellent visual metaphor for what we’re trying to achieve in high
performing teams, organizations and even communities.  An orchestra represents a group of
individual contributors, with some interspersed leaders, who all know what they’re supposed to
do and why they’re supposed to do it. They’re practiced in their abilities, and growing all the
time. They’re motivated to play well, and the conductor helps to set the vision and sway the
collective energy.  The conductor provides his or her perspective to keep the group focused on
the desired outcome.  Not one of them can achieve the desired outcome as an individual, but
when these individual contributors come together as a part of a group it can be magical!”
Need a copy? Available now in paperback or kindle - click here to buy on Amazon!

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